Radha Kund Tilak (Pack of 5)


This is Radha-Kund Chandan. It is made up of the clay of Radha-Kund.

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Gaudiya Vaishnavas use this clay of Braj to apply 12 tilaks to the body. This Radha-Kund Chandan is in the form of hard clay.

How do I use Radha-Kund Chandan?
You can simply take water on your left hand and rub the Radha-Kund Chandan clay to form a paste of optimum consistency (neither very thick nor thin). Apply the 12 tilaks with this paste of Radha-Kund Chandan. You can use the mold to apply a perfect, clean tilak. Tilak Mold can be ordered from this

How do I apply tilak?
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